Operation Broken Silence

Bringing awareness to the atrocities in South Sudan.


Since 1989, the government of Sudan has committed mass murder on a horrific scale across the country and supported international terrorist organizations with complete impunity. Operation Broken Silence is a movement that uses media, creativity, and social action for peace and justice in Sudan. OBS is creating change on a national scale, but the previous branding and website still looked small-scale. This team needed an update that not only told the story in an engaging way but also gave credibility to the organization.   



The first step was creating a strong updated logo that could stay with the non-profit for years to come. Using an extended equal sign (equality and justice for all in Sudan) and negative space to show the current divide in the country encapsulate the problem and solution. Mark, founder of OBS, had a wealth of amazing stories, imagery, and video from his many trips to Sudan. We utilized these with large engaging photo areas and simple-to-follow story lines. The biggest goal of the site was to tell the story in a way that would engage the viewer to get involved. 


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Starting with the wireframes, I started thinking about how to tell this incredible story in a way that would engage the user to get involved in some way. Outlining the story the client wanted to tell and listing the goals the client has for the site was the first step. Exploring different options to visually tell the story came easy with an outline and goals to follow. 



Creating moments of interactivity on the "Why Sudan" page was important to engage the viewer to read more and learn about the plight in the area and why OBS does what it does. This simple interactive map of the areas that OBS provides support and relief to help the user understand where in Sudan the problem areas are.