McAfee is in the process of finding a new identity as their own company again as they separate from Intel. The approached ZURB with help forming a new intranet that would be beneficial to all employees and create a collaborative space for everyone. Previously, they had several intranet portals to acces and those portals made it difficult to collaborate with their coworkers. We focused on the Legal section of the intranet portal, a section most employees would visit at one point or another. The Legal department was inudated daily with requests for approval and general questions. We needed to help lessen the workload on that team while provided helpful sources for everyone in the company.    


Working closely with their team through an iterative process, we created a Legal portal that would serve as a self-help focused area for employees of McAfee to quickly find the information or the people they needed. After many stakeholder conversations to hear about the pain points and things that were working well, we set off into creating potential opportunities we wanted to work towards. I worked closely with the McAfee legal team to create lo-fi wireframes, prototypes, visuals, and front-end code for the Legal portal. I tested our assumptions with some basic concept tests throughout the process. 





The first challenge for the McAfee intranet project was to create a space for employees of McAfee in different departments to find and connect with the right coworker from the legal team. They also needed a place to find information quickly and easily. We created a legal portal focused on being friendly, easy, and helpful. 




After a successful project witht the Legal portal, the McAfee team came back for more work on the new intranet. I worked closely with new members of their team to create a responsive homepage that was friendly and allowed employees to have a home to meet all of their needs. We focused on meeting the needs of the employees as well as the company, providing avenues for the company itself to have open conversations with the employees.