Jos. A. Bank. is a men's clothing brand that has been around for years. They are most widely known for their "buy 1 suit, get several free" deal they often ran. After Men's Warehouse, a former competitor, bought the men's clothing company, it was time for a refresh. I was tasked with creating a new, responsive design for the website that helped change the general perception of the brand. I needed to convey the high quality of clothing the company carried as well as the ability to still get a good deal. The redesign was focused on the mobile experience, keeping in mind that the common audience for Jos. A. Bank was older.  


I created a truly mobile-first design that was easy and friendly to use for all age ranges. Collaborating with the business development, marketing, and engineering teams at Men's Warehouse, I created a design focused on providing a tradional and modern experience. Moderated prototype testing brought us insights that helped us make the experience easy and enjoyable for the JAB audience. I took this product from opportunities to ideation to wireframes and prototypes to visuals and front-end code. The Men's Warehouse engineering team used styles we set in the front-end code to implement the new designs on their system. 


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Mapping out the experience of the user helped the team understand our goals for the redesign.



Opportunity sketches allowed me to have a conversation with the client about the potential of the redesign through sketch form.  



To verify hunches and assumptions we had made during the design process, I tested a prototype with 5 users ranging in age from their 40's - 60's.  I tested key functions, such as browsing products, adding a product to a cart, and checking out. This testing help us make key decisions, such as moving the "Add to Cart" button that was fixed to the bottom of the viewport into the page flow. I found in testing that users in that age range completely missed the button when it was sticky to the bottom.