Duck Creek Technologies is a SaaS company in the insurance industry. They seeked out the help of ZURB to work with their internal product team to refresh their suite of products and create innovative solutions for their users. This engagment was separated into several phases. I worked on the first three phases during my time at ZURB. I worked as the primary designer on the projects, collaborating with a design lead and user researcher on the ZURB side. We worked with other designers and product managers on the Duck Creek side.  


Phase 1 focused on the persona of Farouk, call center rep recieving FNOL calls. FNOL stands for "First Notice of Loss" or the first interaction between a customer and the insurance company when an accident happens. He takes in all the initial information for the insurance claim, in preparation for the claims handler. He is judged on how efficient and friendly he is on these calls. The original app for him was cumbersome and difficult to quickly go through. The re-design focused on creating an efficient flow for him. I recieved feedback after the phase close that we were able to cut down the time in a call by 30% for these users. 



I mapped out the expected experience of Farouk while using the app. He needed to be fast and accurate with the information he was taking in while still remaining empathatetic and able to hold a natural conversation with the customer. This experience map and a series of sketches that outlined general ideas in absense of ui were great talking points between my team and the client's team. This helped us all get on the same page about what direction we wanted to head before jumping into the ui. 



After getting on the same page about what we needed to accomplish with the overall experience, I went through several rounds of ui and wireframe sketches with sharpie and paper with the clients. The use of simple sketches allowed us to be quick and dispose of any ideas we didn't like pretty easily. I then jumped into wireframes in Sketch to start focusing on the details.