Duck Creek Technologies is a Saas company specializing in the insurance industry. They seeked out the help of ZURB to work with their internal product team to refresh their suite of products and create innovative solutions for their users. This engagment was separated into several phases. I worked on the first three phases during my time at ZURB. I worked as the primary designer on the projects, collaborating with a design lead and user researcher on the ZURB side. We worked with other designers and product managers on the Duck Creek side.  


Phase 2 focused on the persona of Shelby, an independent insurance agent. She strives to provide quality service for her clients. She doesn't want to spend all day on the computer trying to figure out an insurance carrier's application. Shelby would rather be out playing golf with her best client. I focused on creating a seamless and easy experience for Shelby. Her overall experience needed to be somewhere between the power user of Farouk, the power user, in Phase 1 and Steve, the technology novice, in Phase 3.



To get everyone on the same page for our goals, I mapped out the expected experience for Shelby. Based on feedback I heard from the Duck Creek team and feedback from shadowing session from our own research I knew that Shelby's need to multi-task within the app. She needed to be able to work on files and forms for multiplie clients at once and without missing a step. 


Before jumping into the computer I sketched out ideas and questions I had to discuss with the Duck Creek team. Sketches are an easy and disposable way to get feedback on ideas before spending too much time on them. Each sketch was the focal point of an idea we wanted feedback on or a question we had about the insurance process.