ClickTools helps companies improve the customer experience by enabling them to build a feedback program using surveys, scripts, and forms across the entire customer journey. In an industry with new feedback tools popping up all the time, it was time for a refreshing new look and user experience. We needed to make building complex surveys with complex logic simple and easy for users. Clicktools also wanted to refresh their survey templates and themes, with a focus on making them responsive. 


Starting with finding out the pain points of current Clicktools users, we set out to create an easy new experience. We worked with the Clicktools engineers throughout the entire process to make sure we were designing a tool that could be implemented by their team. After an iterative process to get to the right layout, we conducted a round of moderated user testing to validate our assumptions with the layout. We were able to create a powerful survey builder and responsive survey templates that the Clicktools engineering team would implement into their system. 




One of the challenges to solve in this project was to create survey themes or templates that looked different using the same html. These surveys had to be responsive as well. Taking the visuals designs created by the team, we took on the challenge of creating responsive surveys that looked different with just a different stylesheet. We provided code that the Clicktools engineering team could build off of, creating dozens of survey themes.