Design is problem-solving. Design is a big picture composed of small details. Design is listening, researching, trying a whole bunch of wrong solutions before finding the right one. Design is putting the user first, creating memorable experiences.

Oh hello there! My name is Shannon. I'm a professional product designer creating engaging experiences for users across all types of industries. I've been creating digital experiences professionally for over a decade now.

I started out in web accidentally, when I found out on my second week of my first job I was actually hired to be a web designer/front-end developer (and not the print designer like I thought). After some initial struggle, I fell in love with it. I loved figuring out the code aspect, trying things until something worked. I loved creating delight for users and value for clients. 

As I've grown in my career over the years, I've learned to hone that love and passion into skill and expertise. I put the user first as I explore flows, designs, and overall experiences. I work with product managers, engineers, and business leads to make sure the users' needs are balanced with business goals and technical limitations. I absolutely love collaborating with a great team of ux designers. I utilize data to inform my design decisions. Conducting research sessions with real people is one of my favorite parts of the design process. 

I am currently living in the SF Bay Area and open to new opportunities. 



Experience Designer


I am on a team creating a helpful and engaging experience for third-party developers  of Adobe apps.


Product Designer

ELEMENTUM  |  AUG. 2016 - JUL 2017

Elementum is a large startup focused on bringing Supply Chain Management into this century. I work on a team of product designers to create features for the Elementum suite of apps. I work with product managers, engineers, customer experience, and other members of the UX team to build new features that bring value to our customers. 


Product Designer

ZURB  |  JAN. 2016 - JUL. 2017

I worked with a range of clients (from McAfee to Mozilla to GE) to create amazing business value through design. I worked closely with the clients through the Progressive Design process to create digital products that engage and excite their users. My work in this process included user research, stakeholder interviews, sketching, ideation, wireframing, visual design, user testing, and front-end development (Sass, HTML, Javascript, Foundation, Git). I gained valuable experince in presenting work to clients and building lasting relationships that kept the clients coming back for more work. 


Director of Workshops


I had the pleasure of working with the awesome team that organizes the Creative Works conference to help plan the 2015 conference. I was in charge of making sure workshops went off without a hitch. This included working with the workshop presenters to get the materials they needed and making sure we had plenty of space for their demonstrations. I also helped with operations during the conference, doing anything that was needed, from making coffee to helping attendees.


Digital Art Director

ROCKETFUEL   |   2014 - 2016

I managed a small design team. My responsibilities included making sure every piece of design that left the office was in tip-top shape, collaborating with clients to discover the information we need to produce the best work for them, presenting work to clients, influencing the team to learn and grow as designers, managing schedules and workload, and protecting the time of the team so they can focus on producing great work. I also worked alongside the design team creating work for my own projects. 


Senior Designer

ROCKETFUEL   |   2012 - 2014

I collaborated with clients, developers, project managers, ux strategist, and other designers to create elegant website and app design for clients big and small. 


Designer/Front-end Developer


My responsibilities consisted of designing creative solutions for web and print. I also coded websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I worked with CMS platforms like Expression Engine and WordPress. 


Design Intern


I worked in a design office on campus all 4 years of college (and 2.5 of the summers). I learned just as much in that office as I did in class, everything from communicating clearly with clients, to working with other designers on projects, to learning how to work within budget and time constraints. 

UX Design
UI Design
User-Centered Design
Design Strategy

Application Design
Website Design
Logo Design
User Research
Moderated Testing

Adobe Creative Suite
Foundation Framework

Concept Testing
Leading a Team
Creative Collaboration
Rapid Prototyping


I currently live in San Jose, CA.  
I moved from Memphis, TN to the Bay Area in late 2015.

Email: shannonrhodesdesign(at)gmail(dot)com

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